A Different View of Science

The opportunity has come to rethink inexplicable and “informal” revelations and controls with profoundly new ideals that better reflect the demands of modern man. Existing pioneering scientific standards need to be examined to determine whether they really work for the well-being of the humanities. The application of Newtonian ideas and the logic of 3D to disciplines such as the astrology of revelation, such as ESP, neutrinos and dark apertures, will put science on a philosophical path in which it must arrive at crazy and useless decisions. science fiction plots but will hinder human development. .

Our demands now in the evolution of mankind are not limited to a growing number of complex missiles, computers and electronic devices, but a reason and justification for humans to continue to progress on the planet. The basic worldview of science since Newton was to conquer and control all the weather to satisfy our demands and desires. The way these desires were narrow-minded, nationalist, and tiny did not prevent science (and its service innovations) from pushing people too close to completion. It is clear that science in its long journey to so much good and credit has failed to draw any application goal for the lines in its research, with the disintegration of the human domain’s imagination on its current conditions, science has failed. look for a replacement, and thus continue to use outdated standardization responses for a whole new order.

As the 20th century draws to a close, leading scholars face a growing number of revelations and conjectures that are in stark contrast to the three-dimensional pent-sensory sphere that was logically characterized more than 300 years ago. Faced with this confrontation over the next quarter of a century, three things must be done: 1. Eliminate, if necessary, any ideal model based on the 3D sense that is currently not valid for the observation of global development. Embracing new utopias that highlight massive discoveries and specialties today is all the more important to give us a restored view of our world. Take advantage of this view to put together a more complete and relevant myth so that the human race can describe a renewed cause and purpose of its evolution. The first point seems basic and at the same time it is quite annoying. For a long time science has aroused great skepticism, which it accepts as fact. Reassuring researchers in any way is very annoying because of their knowledge and wisdom of the assumptions, and it is a fundamental idea of science that if a logical hypothesis cannot be tested by some empirical means, it is worthless. and it should be overlooked.

Perhaps important disciplines such as yoga, astrology and acupuncture are discarded using this reasoning, and this thinking is also supported by the ultimate rule that states that if something cannot make a rich man satisfy the distrust requirement of a full guarantee, then it is not worth it. follow. however. Sunlight-based energy experiments with the former and the Pentagon flourishing with the latter, a darker, outdated, and rarely scientific foundation characterized by the assumption that current information is the pinnacle of a long road of trial and error. Researchers in Galileo’s time felt that the Earth was the focus of the planetary group. They “revealed” it according to their emotional ideas, and felt the idea was “right”. We arrogantly think back and look at the recognition of the heliocentric group of planets as an innocent phase, how important it can be in our quest to understand the planetary group we currently consider fully understood. It is clearly looking at the situation objectively that our current information is not more complete from an explicit Copernican perspective. His hypothesis was a great advance towards Galileo, just as Galileo was a great advance towards the Cro-Magnon.

There is no real reason to accept that it is possible that no alternative planetary assembly model could be found that would make our current information seem as innocent as Galileo. The truth is greater than the emotional truth.

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