Sandisk SSD External 2TB G-Drive Professional

An expense product that blends top-of-the-range long life alongside broadband moves

The G-Drive with Sandisk SSD Professional is undoubtedly not the fastest external drive around; having said that, it is most definitely a few of the most difficult our professionals have located recently. If you need your documents to become risk-free 100% of the volume of time, afterwards, this drive must do your shortlist.


  • Five-year assurance
  • Great performance


  • Expensive
  • No precautionary cover for USB port
  • Bulkier than foreseen
  • No stuffed software or even firms

Irrespective of the current trouble connected with chip scarcity and payload disruptions, the solid condition drive (SSD) market has found a down expense fad. In contrast, performance and abilities have escalated. Mobile SSD is most certainly not unsusceptible. This type and also the launch of new products has gone unmitigated.

The Sandisk Professional G-Drive SSD is an archetype of that; this complex, external storage still brings a remarkable on an external disk drive; nevertheless, that is reducing rapidly while various other fundamental functions of SSD innovation – velocity, stability, power consumption as well as also dimension – have been strengthened.

Costs and routine

The 2TB Sandisk G-Drive Professional (SDPS11A-002T-GBANB )is available directly from Western Digital’s online acquisition of $400 at the time of composing.


Western Digital took on the identical industrial-focused design for all its professional products. A mix of soft rubber – to support reductions and metal (aluminium) improves the primary and acts as a heat dissipation method. Its size and body system weight (95 x fifty x 15mm, 90g) indicate that it is a bit ample to be gotten on a jean’s wallet.

Besides a Type-C adapter (3.2 Gen 2) and also a problem LED, there is rarely almost just about anything worth bearing in mind design-wise. You do not get any software bundled with it, although you can install software for password-enabled 256-bit AES-XTS components file encryption.

You acquire 2 USB-C cord televisions, one of which possesses a Type-An adapter for backwards compatibility. The drive uses IP67 water and filth protection as well as – depending upon Western Digital – as high as 3-meter drop defence and crush resistance of around 900Kg.

Performance and also being utilized

The G-Drive has a Super-Speed USB 10Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 2), which provides an optimum scholarly price of 1.25 Gbps. Once you embody expenses, costs of 1GBps ought to be thought, with WD pointing out that step rates could be approximately 1.05 GBps.

That is relating to two times what you would surely get from a SATA-based device, making it excellent for promptly editing in addition to sparing important source files, be it a photo (RAW photos) or maybe online video audio (4K footage), and also a prospective supplement to cloud records backup as a component of a 3-2-1 data backup approach.

The SSD controller and the NAND Flash moment are strange; however, our specialists would think it talks about some DNA along with the SN530, Western Digital’s beginning NVMe system.

Since the drive is HFS+ formatted out of the package, you will need to reformat the G-Drive to use it along with Windows 10, indicating an alternate route taking advantage of Computer Management to present Disk Management produce the dividers. Once that was executed, our firm connected with an actual performance (relocating a singular 10GB file using Windows Explorer) of only under 400MBps. At the same time, a variety of criteria (AJA, CDM, ATTO, and AS SSD) found that the comprise costs varied between 947 and 1041MBps. In contrast, the read prices cheered 1064 exhibitions whatsoever.

You obtain a five-year guarantee from it, but you will indeed require to send the malfunctioning drive to Sandisk at your cost. If you use an information recuperation service, you will certainly not eliminate a usually reputable restricted warranty, therefore long as you obtain a confirmation from the firm.

The competitors

Our company’s seeking 2TB superfast, exceptionally ruggedized, IP67+ measured external solid-state drives. That averts the similarity of the noticeable Samsung T7 Touch, which is undoubtedly not water-resistant.

The initial thing is the LaCie 1TB ruggedized USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C external SSD which matches the Sandisk Professional G-Drive when it comes to the manufacturer’s warranty as well as performance yet establishes you back a lot even more ($ 500 at Provantage) as well as is bulkier (in addition to the orange colour could certainly not be actually to everyone’s flavour). Does it validate the added superior with the intro of Seagate’s bundled Rescue Data Recovery services? The courtroom’s out.

The storage DiskAshur M2 sturdy external SSD possesses one of the favourites if comprehensive, relevant information defence is your leading concern at that factor. It makes use of a PIN unit to decipher the info secured and is actually – theoretically at the minimum – so much more arduous than the G-Drive.

If worth for money is your key concern, the Team group PD1000 ($ 260 at Amazon) deserves your passion. It possesses a “just” 3-year manufacturer’s warranty but matches the remainder of the requirements of the Sandisk Professional yet a considerably lessened price. Make sure you acquire some cloud storage to secure your information simply in case.

Final Judgment

The Sandisk Professional G-Drive is undeniably not your bog key external drive. Indeed, not just is it ruggedized, it furthermore has a five-year warranty. Still, it falls short of matching Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery Service, which is now packed complimentary, with plenty of mainstream external SSD (like the lately evaluated Seagate OneTouch 1TB external SSD).

Total though, if you throw out the more affordable alternatives from smaller sized recognized vendors, there’s a little bit of incentive for Sandisk to drop the fee of the G-Drive much better. That is incredibly exact offered the existence of the faster and even more costly G-Drive Pro SSD, which lugs a 50% fee and a near-200% augmentation in rate as a result of its very own Thunderbolt 3 interface.

G-Tech (where G-Drive is acquired) started a way of life as a component of HGST, gotten by Western Digital. Together with the recent launch of Sandisk Professional, it is perhaps that G-Tech and G-Drive will certainly be sunsetted later on.

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