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One of the questions that is often asked in today’s world is “What happens to science and innovation?” Man is imaginary in nature. Man’s ability to create and change the state he has created is what separates him from various living things. Science is a method of trying to concentrate on what has emphasized the use of empirical evidence to think of new ideas. As a piece of information, it begins to discover more about the real world idea. Through a functional examination of the properties, researchers have synthesized answers to some of the problems that have plagued humanity for a long time.

The initial stage in a logical endeavor is to think of a case. When perceiving a topic, there must be reliable and independent factors that guide the specialist in planning a theory that will help him make the most reliable conclusions. The theory is a test statement that one of two possible outcomes is expected to occur. The analyst may decide to take any of the possible results as his theory. This is the foundation that has pushed to discover solutions to some diseases that initially kill millions every year, such as jungle fever.

The logical way to approach research is responsible for the progress of innovation. Innovation is the human ability to facilitate the completion of tasks through an extraordinary set of logical applications that expand the relationships of many basic criteria. The machines are used according to the idea of innovation. However, contemporary use of the word assumes things like computers and cell phones. The facts confirm that innovation must be seen today as far as it is introduced into existing message frames by the computer. The hardware business has grown exponentially with limited ability to focus over time. Science has contributed a lot to this because ongoing research is revealing new machines.

When you try to address the question “What happens to science and innovation?” We must see science as a survey of the ordinary world, while innovation must be seen as the survey of how to manipulate the natural world for the benefit of man. This relationship can be better understood through Scientific and Technological Studies (STS). As a logical discipline, this review presents the relationship between these two focal spaces and how they influence the social, logical, political, and social scenario of global networks. The scale of data coming out of Boolean queries is overwhelming. It is surprising how universities have managed to organize the vast amount of research information that comes from research foundations around the planet.

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