The Disintermediation of New Technologies

In the financial aspect, non-intermediation is the expulsion of intermediaries in the production network. Lack of shortening is regularly seen as the side effect of increased market visibility, as buyers know supply costs directly from the manufacturer. Thus, buyers prevent brokers (wholesalers and retailers) from buying directly from the manufacturer and thus saving money. On the other hand, buyers may choose to buy from wholesalers, but in most cases, buyer to customer switch between capabilities as a scaffold between buyer and producer. Two years earlier, researchers had concluded that the Internet would “disrupt” business or remove intermediaries. All things being equal, the low cost of selling online and its sheer attractiveness have had a huge boost among all, illustrating the reach of the monster that plagues Google and the eBay mall.

Innovation offers a lot of decisions to the end customer, and the social consequences of its reception create the right environment for people to discuss the extent of their help and the results. In any case, regardless of whether you are an ally or a competitor of this mechanical advancement, the new reality presented by the advances achieved has surpassed the goals of its creators and emerged in this new “real” world in which connections, individuals, business. , business or data going forward Even promoting themselves as residents. At the same time, abbreviations for words, images, avatars, icons, augmented reality games or web apps are just a few of the many ways that new innovations have changed the way people interact and discover how to create new subcultures and images in the real world. . The adopters of these specialized technologies are highly dependent on the existence and improvement of the second hand broker as they have to continue to incorporate and constantly update developments in different practices.

Because these innovative practices have caused a sensation, especially among young customer groups, getting them has as many opportunities and risks as its archetypes. Contemporary innovative evangelists support the expansion of mechanistic developments, along with the widespread use of these new kinds of developments, preferably around the world, to fulfill the human mission of connection and belonging. On the other hand, those who oppose this view suggest that these mechanical jumps forward are just another kind of “stop” and that this will also reduce relaxation, rejecting direct, close and personal contact and forming human “islands”.

The assessment of the effects of changing correspondence structures and improving additional channels during the new years, along with how these advances modulate self-understanding, has been the subject of examination in various studies. The set of experiences of the human race is full of different instances of conflict and combination in which a more advanced mix has been invented.

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