Unexpected Results of Technology

Development is an incredible thing. It helps me drive my car on cold roads. I can see photos of my grandchildren. You helped me find all the places under the sun. There is no doubt that development has provided useful optional media and essential information recognition. However, the amazing symptoms of development are often bad enough to modulate the benefits. We live in an age of science. Whatever the case, an acceptable revelation without a clear vision led us to places where we might feel upset. sank.

Can you imagine a mechanical development that did not create a real and unexpected counterattack? The gasoline engine was an unusual idea. Anyway, has anything made our current conditions significantly more polluted? The phone was amazingly planned. Despite this, today’s messages cause more accidents than some other explanations. Clinical science has made unprecedented strides. Anyway, your spending is now finding a way to ruin our economy. Thermal energy is a wonderful new resource. Anyway, his future executioner made the world a dangerous place.

How many successful tools have been created for the home and work environment? Anyway, does it seem like we have less accessible energy to deal with our friends and family? How many tools make our lives easier? Anyway, tension is the silent opponent in recent memory. Were there always more increases than today? Anyway, the execution today is grander than it was before the Civil War, when all U.S. youth had the opportunity to read and be creative, with little interest in receiving instruction in one-room school structures with chalk and a live score. . . .

Schumacher approved in his book what he called “proper development.” I thought we should explore the meaning of progress for people. Considering that science was made for humans, not so much for science. Lately we have had the general confidence that “the more the more cheerful”. However, the best blockade was in major urban communities. Today we pack a lot of memory into small chips. We need a quick awareness of the weather, business sectors, news and conversion. However, I can’t help but think that our tolerance for information has not made us happy to make better decisions. People have all the advantages of being less mentally intelligent and less intellectually motivated.

Data without information is risky.

How do we end this? In my opinion, we should acknowledge Schumacher’s suggestion. Put people first. Explore and use developments that make us interact with each other in motion with the information recently acquired. Gaining rapid recognition for large informational explanations may not be as necessary as gaining an undoubted understanding of human meaning. Furthermore, I am not referring to the sciences of the human mind or sociology. We really need to reconnect with who we are as beings created in the image of God and blessed with amazing potential for meaning and evil. Without a deep understanding of ourselves, we cannot take advantage of progress to improve things. The saying about computer programming is true: ignore it, get it out.

Deceitful science and development have the accident of producing unremarkable consequences that are beyond our ability to reform. In truth, we live in a material world and life requires our constant ingenuity in the spaces of science. In truth, we need to connect with our smart people in order for things to work in our lives. Anyway, if we don’t remember our true beginnings and deserve the driving forces of our industry, the things we do won’t revive. In this sense, religion takes on an indisputable role in intelligent research. Well, how can we take advantage of progress to act on the existence of the human race without any idea of being human? Think about it.

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